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Folks, my name is Bryan Anderson and I’ve been working on a project called “The Bro Pit” which is what my living room was dubbed back in Marylebone, London circa 2014.  “The Bro Pit” aspires to be a brand that uses all forms of media eventually, but for now specifically our YouTube channel “The Bro Pit”, to entertain in some form or another.  Whether it's just by being ourselves and letting it all hang out, sharing opinions on pop culture, doing comedy sketches, dancing, or imparting whatever knowledge we've accumulated along the way, we are just looking to amuse and connect with other human beings.  I mean, isn't that what it's all about?  

The idea came about after being asked to do some segments on “The Megan Pormer Show”, and from there I was thinking about how much I enjoy sharing my crazy thoughts/impressions on pop culture, as well as helping people learn a bit about day-trading.  I worked for D. E. Shaw & Co. for 24 years, mostly as a trader of various asset classes like stocks, bonds, fx, etc..  Since parting ways in December of 2018 I have been fielding questions from tons of friends and family members related to day-trading, which has grown exponentially among the general public as a result of the Covid Lockdown of 2020.  So pairing my work experience with my love of pop culture and desire to be creative somehow, it seemed like an interesting direction to take The Bro Pit.  My ultimate dream is to have multiple Bros, from all walks be able to contribute their personalities and expertises as well, so the door is open and I'm excited to see where things go. 


Bryan Anderson, (aka Presenting Bryan, aka The Real Day Trader of Beverly Hills)

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