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David Dance Bro

David Anderson

When you have 3 brothers, there are two middle brothers, and I’m one of them.  For as long as I can remember, I was dancing, often with Bryan, as my mind took in and recorded almost involuntarily dance moves associated with the biggest pop stars.  I was always choreographing routines with kids in our neighborhood to songs that range from Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” to Salt ‘n Pepa’s “Get Up Everybody (Get Up)”.  I would often create medleys, or mashups, of 3-4 songs, and then from there make up routines that not only used moves from the music video, but also innovated and created new moves myself that I thought fit to the songs’ rhythm.  In high school, I choreographed two dance routines that Presenting Bryan, myself and a third group member (one year Elena and one year Sabrina) performed and won first prize in.  Madonna, Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul were huge inspirations for me and I always paid closest attention to their videos as their music and style resonated with me.  I grew up an hour north of NYC and one day hopped on the train and auditioned for Club MTV.  Luckily I got the gig and found myself dancing for the show, often alongside Camille Grammar.  

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