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Recommend Workouts:


  1. HIIT High Interval Intense Training (20/30min beginner or 60/90min advance)

    1. Insanity: ( ) 

    2. Plyo Fitness: ( )

    3. Orange Theory: ( ) 


  1. Push/Pull/Legs & Abs : 3 Days Weights + 2 days of Cardio, 2 Rest days


  1. Fasted Treadmill Cardio (30/45/60 min. on High Incline)


  1. Custom Program with Experienced Trainer/Coach 


Easiest to Succeed at Lifestyle Eating Plans (Not Diets):


  1. Intermittent Fasting (The 16/8 method):

Simple High Lean Protein (no breading, light sauce), High Green Veggies (best: broccoli, asparagus, spinach) + Low Complex Carb, Very Low Sugar, No Calorie Beverages (plain tea, black coffee, water, diet beverages) 

  1. Paleo ( )

  2. Mediterranean 

( )

  1. Weight Watchers ( )

  2. Atkins (



Stay On Track Tips & Tricks:


  1. Fill up on lots of Water or Seltzer/Soda/Sparkling Water (curves appetite)


  1. Fill up on as much Spinach-Broccoli-Asparagus as your heart desires (when you're still hungry yet you want to stay in your serving size/portion window, so eat extra S-B-A.


  1. Break a SWEAT for at least 20 minutes everyday (If you can’t make a fitness schedule due to a crazy work week or family life; strive to always get that 20 minute a day sweat on)

    1. Pushups/Pullups

    2. Fast Power Walking / Sprinting Intervals 

    3. Youtube Mat Workouts


  1. Choose the Protein Shake opposed to Snack Bar

    1. VegaSport (or any Low Sugar/Low Carbohydrate Protein Powder both under 10 grams)


  1. Reward yourself with staying on track eating clean & healthy

    1. Ideally 2 cheat meals per week lasting 90 minutes each (Go out to Dinner)

    2. OR 1 cheat day per week, don’t go crazy, eat what you’ve been craving (Tailgate, Special Occasion, Holiday. Take the whole day to eat what you’ve missed during your Long-Term Health Eating Plan)


  1. If you are going to drink alcohol keep it Simple

    1. Liquor:  Vodka/Tequila/Gin Neat or add Seltzer  + any 0-calorie beverage 

      1. Skinny Margarita: Fresh Lime Juice, Tequila, Splash of Agave

      2. Mini Mojito Minus Syrup: White Rum, Stevia, Mint + Seltzer

    2. Hard Seltzers: White Claw / Truly / Wild Basin

    3. Beer: Michelob Ultra / Miller Light / Budweiser Select

    4. Wine: Dry Reds (high resveratrol antioxidants) Pinot Noir, Merlot

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